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Article Submission Regulations

1. Only articles previously not published in other editions are subject to publication in the journal. Submission of works previously sent to other editions to the editor’s office of the journal is not allowed.
2. Articles prepared not in line with the specified regulations neither accepted nor reviewed.
3. The editor’s office reserves the right to edit and select materials for publication.
4. All articles received by the journal editor’s office are subject to review in accordance with requirements of the State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles of the RF to publication of scientific literature.
5. Articles are accepted for review by the editor’s office only with a reference letter from the establishment in which authors work to the address of the editor in chief of the journal.
6. Articles should be sent by email in the MS Word format with enclosure of the scanned copies of the reference letter and the first page of the article with signatures of all authors in the Adobe Acrobat (*.pdf) format.
7. Formatting of the first page: article heading and a surname of the author (authors); name of the establishment (establishments) in which the article was written with indication of the departmental affiliation (Ministry of Health of Russia, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences etc.); the city and the country in which the establishment is located; near the author’s surname and the establishment the superfix should designate the establishment each of the authors works in, in the For Correspondence section surname, name and patronymic (in full), academic rank, academic title, position in the establishment/establishments, working phone and email address of all authors are specified. Abbreviations are not allowed. The corresponding author should be specified the first one.  
8. The article heading must be short and informative. Abbreviations and acronyms, trade (commercial) names of drugs, dietary supplements, products, care products, medical equipment, diagnostic equipment, diagnostic tests etc. are not allowed in the article heading.
9. The article abstract in Russian is placed on a separate page with the volume not more than 1,500 symbols with spaces and key words (not more than 8) in the order of relevance. The abstract is a source of information independent from the article. It will be published separately from the main text of the article and must be clear without reference to the very publication. The abstract is a short and consistent presentation of the publication material by main sections and must reflect the main content of the article, comply with the logics of the material presentation and results description in the article with indication of relevant data.
10.    Requirements to the article text formatting: sheet size А4; font Times New Roman; point size 12; interline spacing 1,5; fields: upper and lower 2,5 cm, left 3,5 cm; right 1,5 cm; document format for sending to the editor’s office *.doc or *.docx; article size – not more than 15 pages; units of measurement  are specified in the SI-system; use in the article of not generally accepted abbreviations is not allowed; all abbreviations must be expanded at first mention; then only abbreviation is used in the text; obsolete and sector-specific terms must be explained as well.
11.    When describing drugs at their first mention the active substance (International Non-Proprietary Name – INN), commercial name, manufacturer, country of production must be specified; all names and dosages must be meticulously checked.
12.    Description of post-registration clinical trials of drugs, food products, dietary supplements and children care products must include information about registration and permission to use of the specified products by official licensing authorities (registration number, registration date).
13.    Bibliographical references in the text of the article are arranged in square brackets in the order of citation by the author (not in the alphabetic order!) in strict accordance with the references after the text of the article. The references to the articles are enclosed as a separate file. The references are formatted in accordance with Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals http://www.nlm.nih.gov/bsd/uniform_requirements.html. In accordance with this format: when appearing article the following info is provided: surnames and initials of authors (if there are more seven authors and more, then the first six authors are specified and “и др.” is placed in Russian articles and “et al.” – in English ones), the complete article heading, an abbreviated journal title (abbreviations must comply with the Index Medicus or MEDLINE style), year, volume, number, pages (the first and the last one); when citing the edition (book, monograph, conference materials etc.) – surnames and initials of authors, complete book title, place, publishing house and year of publishing; only references to the author’s abstracts of theses are allowed but not to theses themselves as they are manuscripts;
6. Articles must be sent by email in the MS Word format with enclosure of scanned copies of the reference letter and the first page of the article with signatures of all authors of the article in the format Adobe Acrobat (*.pdf).
An example of bibliographic references
In a foreign language
Kulikov VA, Sannikov DV, Vavilov VP. Use of the acoustic method of free oscillations for diagnostics of reinforced concrete foundations of contact networks. Defektoskopiya, 1998, 7(3): 40-49.
In Russian
Мартынов С.А. Клинические и патофизиологические особенности анемии при диабетической нефропатии. Сахарный диабет, 2008, 39: 16-22.
14.    The minimum volume of illustrative material represented by tables and figures is attached with the article. The editor’s office reserves the right to reduce the amount of the illustrative material in the article. The location of the illustration is specified by the author in the text of the article by setting a reference to the table or a figure. The numeration of the illustrative material is done in the order of referencing and is printed in italics (for instance: Figure 1, Figure 2 etc., Table 1, Table 2 etc.).
15.    Tables must include only necessary data and be generalized and statistically processed materials, be easy to read and understandable, have a title, units of measurement of each indicator, statistical relevance of data differences or its absence must be specified.
16.    Figures (diagrams, charts) must have subscription of all axes with indication of units of measurement by SI-system. The legend is shown beyond the boundaries of the figure.
17.    The illustrative material (figures) represented by photos (black and white or colour), pictures is provided only in an electronic form in separate files in formats *.pdf, *.tiff, *.jpeg, *.eps with resolution no less than 300 dpi, width no less than 92 mm. Titles of figures, figure captions with all designations are printed on a separate sheet.
18.    The editor’s office reserves the right to reduce the published materials and to adapt them to sections of the journal.   
19.    The submitted manuscripts are not returned.
20.    The fee from postgraduates and degree seeking applicants is not collected.

Responsible secretary Maria Panarina panarina@remedium.ru

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